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Day in, day out you're treated as a second class citizen. You are made a mockery of by the people around you. You are seen as nothing more than an object of affection. Aren't you tired? Don't you want to fight back? Then follow me....I will give you guidance towards true power!!! And would you quit making that little wheezing sound? I honestly can't tell if you're going to be sick or if you're just having a coughing fit.  You are Jaxx; a perpetually angry cat with an attitude bigger than your @!$   Jaxx hates just about everything, now she's driven by this hate (and some other worldly forces) to destroy all of those pesky ants in her way.  Slash the enemies and use your brain thing to solve the puzzles of the anthill fortress.  Will you help Jaxx find what she's looking for? 

This game tests your mind (and your patience) with the many illusions and traps that hide within. These tricks require your platforming skills and your alertness, so be on guard. You also get to use your claws to slice the enemies out of your way. Be careful! One touch of these enemies and you are impure.

Off you go little kitty. Go on, get out there and KILL THEM ALL!

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Shinigami Neko! 52 MB

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